Parisian restaurant opening Triumph

Parisian restaurant opening Triumph

A Slice of Paris arrives in Cardiff

Our grand opening of Maison De Boeuf has exceeded all expectations and captivated customers this week with its cosy atmosphere, classic French elegance, and delectable cuisine. From our stunning decor to our exceptional service, every aspect of Maison De Boeuf has been thoughtfully curated to ensure a remarkable dining experience and we couldn't be happier with our first few days of opening. We've received such an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers and Maison De Boeuf has quickly become the go-to destination for those seeking a cosy and unforgettable dining experience.

Charlotte and Steve Barker a dynamic husband and wife duo, are the driving force behind Maison De Boeuf and are thrilled with how successful the opening has been. In an interview, Charlotte and Steve shed light on their vision and the reasons behind bringing a touch of Paris to their beloved home city. Charlotte Barker explained their motivation, stating, "There's nothing like it in Cardiff, and we wanted to bring a Parisian atmosphere to our home place." Our goal was to transport locals and visitors alike to the enchanting streets of Paris, creating an authentic dining experience filled with elegance and sophistication and we feel this is exactly what we have delivered.

Join us at Maison De Boeuf and indulge in a journey of romance, culinary excellence, and warm hospitality that will leave you longing for more.

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